Monday, October 10, 2011

sports drive you nuts?

I'm thinking that sports is fun to play and to watch. What about you guys? It's not the sports that drive us crazy,it's sports talk radio.All these know it all's telling you how you should feel.They say their experts,and you should listen to them.Well i think we as fans are just as good an expert as sports talk show hosts.So i started this blog for all true sports fans.Join me by giving me your opinion on sports. You don't need the sports media to tell you what to think about sports.I think Philly sports talk is pathetic with their negative look on sports down there.I think the Eagles will never win because their fans and media are so negative. Their teams deserve more positive support than they get. It's funny to watch the fans this weekend. They cheered when Ryan Howard got hurt. Where will the get all those RBIs and home runs next year.Stop the abuse of your players and enjoy the games.

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